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We offer a wide selection of New and Used Hardware solutions at competitive prices. We have Laptops and Desktops in stock. We also have Monitors, Keyboards, & Mice. All the bells and whistles to make it a great PC.

JWS Computers is now offering new Remote Repair Service.

Just $49.99

1.     Call to talk to one of our technicians at 609-397-8855,

2.     Download and install connection software,

3.     Give us your connection software ID and Pass Code,

4.     And we will do our best to fix it for you.

In Shop Services

Price USD
$49In our shop we will assess the problems with the computer before going forward.
Basic Repair$79Replace RAM, Power Supply, and Fans. Price does not include parts.
Data Transfer
$99Moving data off of an old computer to a new computer, or hard drive.
Spyware and Virus Removal
$129Deep scan to remove viruses and spyware. Clean Registry.
Advanced Repair
$149More sophisticated and detailed hardware repairs.
Data Recovery
$199 and upTaking back deleted files from working hardware. Extracting Data from damaged hardware.